Bitten by the travel bug…

Once bitten, you’re going to be hooked forever. That’s how I see it. I love to travel. Not just because of the exciting destinations or the many airports and airplanes I get to experience on my way there. I love the planning part, too.

Right now I have one upcoming trip. My next destination is Washington D.C. If any of you have any tip on what to do/see/avoid while I’m there, that would be greatly appreciated!

Being bitten by the travel bug is an addiction. If I don’t have any upcoming trips, I need to book a trip somewhere, just so I can have something to look forward to.

A few posts back, I posted an update on me reaching Star Alliance silver status (EuroBonus Silver), which is very exciting. Not because silver is of any significance, because it’s not, but it means I’m one step closer to Star Alliance Gold, and that’s a real door-opener, literally. Star Alliance Gold lounges around the world, more frequent flyer miles when flying with SAS, priority on standby lists, discounts on hotels and rental cars and much more.

There is something called OptionTown which is, in simplified terms, a company that has a certain amount of seats they sell for selected airlines, in Economy Extra, Business Class and First Class (if applicable) SAS is one of those airlines, and I have a request in for my trip to D.C. And the price? Well it depends on the airline and destination, but it’s usually under half the price for what a normal business/eco+ ticket would cost.

If the upgrade request goes through, I’ll have the same benefits as any other eco extra/business class passenger, including redemption of miles and lounge access.

Lots of “ifs” now, but if I get business both ways, that means I will have reached Gold Status once I land in Kristiansand May 29, which will be of great significance for my next trip for my birthday in August. Stay tuned for more 🙂

Planning for trips is so much fun. I would never be able to just book a charter vacation where everything is set in stone from the travel agency. I need the flexibility to do what I want.

My best travel tip? Use ItaSoftware to check out airfares. I promise you that you won’t find cheaper tickets anywhere else (except from special campaigns). The fares on ItaSoftware cannot be booked directly on the webpage, but just copy+paste the fare code and bring it to a travel agency (For Norwegians I’d recommend and they’ll be able to issue you a ticket. ItaSoftware is the most flexible travel tool I’ve ever used. You can compare with so many airlines, search by the number of stops, price +++

“Getting there is half the fun” is a great saying that comes to mind when talking about travel. Yes, it is half the fun just getting to that exotic destination (wherever that may be).
I would also like to add to the saying; “Figuring how to get there is the other half”

Don’t just enjoy the destination, enjoy the planning and travel part too!

Blue skies to all of you in the coming week!

– Cecilie

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  1. This is great information for traveling! The only way to survive the travel bug is to feed it.
    I’m getting anxious to travel now myself. Time to fly. 🙂

    • Yes, never forget to feed the travel bug! Always time to fly, Karlene! Enjoy! And thanks for the comment 🙂

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