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Not in NYC at the moment

Testing out WordPress on my iPhone for the first time 🙂

As some of you might remember, I was going to NYC November 3. Due to the storm Sandy who left our family without electricity for several days, we figured ‘now is not the time to visit them’ – unfortunately, because we were both so excited to see them. The Thursday before we left, we booked a connecting flight from EWR where we landed with SAS at 1.30 pm – via Charlotte, NC to Orlando, FL. We return to NYC November 9th, in time for the book event I will be attending. It all works out well 🙂

In Florida, we are spending the days on Sanibel Island near Fort Myers. Beautiful area. Days filled with tropical foods, national park visits, shopping and laying on the beach. I will tell you more about my trip once I get back to Norway in a week, but for now, take a look at some photos I’ve captured so far 🙂







It’s all about making the most out of any given situation 🙂


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