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People seem to always complain about the weather this time of the year, when that is the one factor we can’t change. Stop complaining and start enjoying every day, even if it’s a rainy one.

Ryan and me, a fellow aviator and my best friend!
Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds, UK – June 2012

Talking about rain. I wrote in a previous post that we were going to see a “remake” of a famous 1812 sea battle. We ended up not going, because we were planning on going in our boat, and there were thunder storms in the forecast. Anyone who has ever been near a thunder storm, knows that the open ocean is the last place you’d want to be during one. It was also pouring down heavily, which would’ve soaked us, not that I’m bothered though.

On Saturday, my mom celebrated her 50th birthday with some friends of her, and me. I think she invited me so that I could keep filling up the guests’ glasses with sparkling rose wine and other fluids. 😉 No, it was actually a really good night. Later that night I went over to a friend who had a party.

This week has gone by quickly. This weekend I am hosting a party Saturday, then celebrating my birthday on Sunday with the family. (No worries, my birthday isn’t until August 7, no need to hurry up with the birthday cards. Yet……) Then, on Wednesday next week, I’m going to Berlin to visit a friend. We were both exchange students at the same school in Nebraska. I visited her in Berlin two years ago, and she also visited me in Norway later that same summer. I think it’ll be a lot of fun. I’ve already got my flights booked and I’m excited to try out the SAS Scandinavian Lounge (Star Alliance Gold) in Copenhagen and the Lufthansa Senator Lounge in Berlin-Tegel! Pictures to come 🙂

For now, I’ll just enjoy the fantastic area that I’m lucky to call “home” – the southern part of Norway is the best area during summer 🙂

Don’t you agree? 😉

– Cecilie

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