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My new frequent flyer card arrived by mail today!

Can’t wait to explore the world of lounges, fast track security and high priority baggage handling! Yes, that’s all that card really entitles me to, but still… 🙂

Last night’s celebration was great. Home made burgers, smores and Coors Light. I think that must be the perfect recipe for a wonderful night home with the family! Today I’ve just helped out around the house, cooled the dog off in the ocean by taking her for a swim, worked out on my bike this morning, followed by a swim in the ocean. A perfect summer day. And I even got a little tan too!

Tomorrow night marks the 200th anniversary of a famous sea battle during the Napoleonic Wara. It took place only a few miles from where I live, actually. At night, they are going to “recreate” the battle, which will be pretty interesting. I think we are taking our boat to watch it, which should be fun. The weather looks like it wants to cooperate as well, which is rather unusual. Sun and 70 degrees. That’s what we call a very hot day in Norway. To expect any higher temperatures this close to the Arctic circle is naive, to say the least 😉

Have a great weekend all!

– Cecilie

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