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New York, New York

This coming Saturday, November 3, me and my brother will embark on an adventure of our life time. Travelling together, brother and sister, to the city where our family holds strong bonds is special and we feel very privileged to be able to do this together. I have never travelled with him alone before, so that’ll be exciting as well.

Our flight departs early in the morning, Nov 3, 07.20 am local time. 737-800 is the first plane of the trip. We have a 2 hour layover in Oslo. I will introduce my brother to the peaceful area of the airport called “lounge” 😛 Enjoy some wine, eat lunch and relax. Around 09.45 am it will be time to board our next flight. SK 907 to Newark onboard an Airbus 330-300. My brother has a seat in the business class cabin while I will be stuck back in economy. I’m glad my brother gets to experience the business class, it is truly something special!

Our first few days in the US will be filled with family visits, shopping, concerts ++ We will do some travelling around the area, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Friday November 9 we are going over to some family on Long Island and the next day it is time for Flight For Celebration in NYC with Jeremy and Karlene!

I am so excited and I will try to do a blog post while “over there”
For now,


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