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Election results

This summer and early fall I have been working so hard to reach one goal, and one goal only. To change the country’s prime minister from Jens Stoltenberg (Labor party) to Erna Solberg (the Conservative party)

Monday, September 9 was election day, and I was working as an election official to make sure everything went smoothly. As the election came to an end towards the evening, the results were published shortly after.

And the results spoke for them selves. When all the votes were counted, the non-socialist parties had won, meaning Erna Solberg, the leader of the Conservatives and our prime minister candidate, will create a government together with the Liberals, Christian Democrats and the Progress Party.
Erna Solberg will be the second female prime minister in Norway.

Long nights, lots of work. It all paid off. When I went to bed that night, after the election, I felt a sense of emptiness. What will I do tomorrow? Just go to work? No more campaigning? The campaign has been a part of my life since late July, so it was kind of a shock to return to the daily life and reality. But it also feels good. Knowing we did everything we could, and that we actually made a difference. A huge relief. And a self confidence booster for sure.

This is my first weekend off in a long, long time. I look forward to just go to work for a few hours tomorrow, Saturday, and other than that – just relax!

Next weekend I’m jetting of to new adventures in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen, on a privately chartered aircraft. Stay tuned 😉


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