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Happy August

I had almost forgot about my blog, for the entire summer. But now I will try and keep you guys updated on a more regular basis, especially since this fall will include a lot of stress related to the start of CPL in February. I will write about the application process, the visa process +++. More on that later.

This summer I got to travel A LOT. I traveled all over Norway with a friend for 5 days. I flew 24 flights in 5 days. On the Dash 8 Q100/Q200/Q400. So much fun! I even got to ride jumpseat on some of the flights. If you want to check out some cool photos from my trip, visit my Instagram profile (from the seatbelt and onward)

My favorite shot is of the Q100 propeller in the sunset, flying from Bodø (ENBO) to Mo i Rana (ENRA)


For more photos, make sure you check out my Photobucket library


So far, 2013 has brought me to the US 3 times, and a few trips around Europe as well. In May, I also went on a day trip to Barcelona with some friends. I went to Stockholm for the first time in June to shoot a video for Disney’s new Pixar project “Planes” and on my day off I flew off to Helsinki, Finland for the day, just for fun 🙂 I got to sit in the jumpseat on the B737-800 from Kristiansand to Oslo, and I rode the B717 (Airline: Blue1) for the first time in my life! Awesome airplane!

In August I haven’t traveled anywhere but in September, me and some friends at the Scandinavian avgeek forum Flyprat ( have chartered a SAS MD-80 that will take us on a SAS MD80-farewell tour across Scandinavia. SAS is retiring the MD80 this October. In November I’m going on a long weekend trip to Dublin!

Thanks for still following my blog (those of you who still are)
I will not wait 3 months until the next blog, that’s for sure 🙂


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