5 Frightening Places Germs Thrive on a Commercial Flight

A blog reader sent me the link of an article regarding germy places on a commercial flight. I found it very interesting, and thought I should share it with my other readers as well.


After clicking the “Book Now” button for a flight, there is a whisper of possibility in the air. The possibility of a new adventure, the possibility of making new memories, and the possibility of … catching the flu on your way to a once in a lifetime vacation. Many of the basic cleaning duties of commercial flights slip through the cracks between hectic schedules and delayed flights, leaving behind a breeding ground for bacteria looking to attack the bodies of unsuspecting travelers. Microbiologist and Director of Global Service Care at Reckitt Benckiser Inc., Joe Rubino, has lent some expertise and suggestions within our list of the top 5 “dirtiest” parts of a commercial flight!

To my readers, please take precautions when traveling. I always keep a bottle of antibac in my purse, and also in my carry-on when I travel by plane. There is no excuse for bad hygiene, even when traveling, as you can get most antibacs in 3oz travel size as well.

Stay healthy, and keep exploring the world 🙂

– Cecilie

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