Happy August

I had almost forgot about my blog, for the entire summer. But now I will try and keep you guys updated on a more regular basis, especially since this fall will include a lot of stress related to the start of CPL in February. I will write about the application process, the visa process +++. More on that later.

This summer I got to travel A LOT. I traveled all over Norway with a friend for 5 days. I flew 24 flights in 5 days. On the Dash 8 Q100/Q200/Q400. So much fun! I even got to ride jumpseat on some of the flights. If you want to check out some cool photos from my trip, visit my Instagram profile http://instagram.com/cecebg# (from the seatbelt and onward)

My favorite shot is of the Q100 propeller in the sunset, flying from Bodø (ENBO) to Mo i Rana (ENRA)


For more photos, make sure you check out my Photobucket library



So far, 2013 has brought me to the US 3 times, and a few trips around Europe as well. In May, I also went on a day trip to Barcelona with some friends. I went to Stockholm for the first time in June to shoot a video for Disney’s new Pixar project “Planes” and on my day off I flew off to Helsinki, Finland for the day, just for fun 🙂 I got to sit in the jumpseat on the B737-800 from Kristiansand to Oslo, and I rode the B717 (Airline: Blue1) for the first time in my life! Awesome airplane!

In August I haven’t traveled anywhere but in September, me and some friends at the Scandinavian avgeek forum Flyprat (www.flyprat.no) have chartered a SAS MD-80 that will take us on a SAS MD80-farewell tour across Scandinavia. SAS is retiring the MD80 this October. In November I’m going on a long weekend trip to Dublin!

Thanks for still following my blog (those of you who still are)
I will not wait 3 months until the next blog, that’s for sure 🙂


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  1. YOU are the travel super star!!! I’m following…as always love the updates. Happy August to you too!!!

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