“Suddenly” a trip back to the States

So I was browsing the internet during my lunch break at work yesterday and came across an ad online, where this guy needed to sell his plane tickets to Washington DC from Oslo (round trip). He didn’t need to go anymore, as the friends he was supposed to visit had moved from D.C to Vancouver, B.C, Canada. He asked 1500 NOK (approx $250) for it, and I decided to buy it from him. The only “problem”? The departure day is Thursday. This Thursday.

Yes, May 16th I will once again, and for the third time this year, get on a plane bound for America. I am obsessed with that country. 🙂


So after paying the guy 1500 NOK for the ticket I contacted SAS (operating and marketing carrier in this case) to change the name on the ticket, which cost 500NOK. No problem, and a new ticket was issued to me within minutes of me hanging up the phone.

Now, I don’t really know what to do in D.C for 5 days, so I contacted my cousin Molly and told her about my plans for the weekend. She is spending the weekend until Sunday morning, in Upstate New York by a lake, and she invited me to go with her and her boyfriend. So how the heck do I get to Lake George? By train or plane, were the options. I decided to book a flight direct to Albany (ALB) 2 hours after I arrive from Copenhagen in Dulles. I also booked a return ticket to IAD from EWR Tuesday May 21 when my flight back to Europe departs IAD in the afternoon.

I also booked a connecting flight to Oslo (OSL) from Kristiansand (KRS) with SAS, Thursday morning.

I will spend a few days up by Lake George first, then head to NYC for the Syttende May parade (May 17, Norway’s Constitution day) in Brooklyn, which is a yearly parade celebrated by Norwegian-Americans.

Flights are pretty full, but I sent an Optiontown request for my return flight IAD-CPH from economy to business class (paid, standby upgrade) so I’m crossing my fingers that will work out.

Well, I better start packing. Between me and my trip is 6 hours at work tomorrow, and some intense hours of packing.


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  1. So very excited that we will be sharing this weekend together!

  2. WOW! Talk about impromptu and exciting you and Molly will be reuniting again! I hope the Business class upgrade works out and speaking of heavy Airbuses I love that photo.

    Have a safe flight over and enjoy Lake George especially!


  3. This is awesome! Kind of like you’re on reserve and they call you last minute! Give Molly a huge hug for me… and tell her to give you one too! Have fun. PS… keep those eyes open for Mr. right.

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