September 11, 2001

A date that will forever be printed in everyone’s mind. Even if you were just a kid then, you most likely know what you were doing that day. I was in 5th grade and I still remember coming home from school in the afternoon (due to Norway’s time zone being 6 hours ahead of the US east coast) and found mama leaning over a chair, watching CNN. She was just gasping. I guess no one really understood the magnitude of it all when the news first aired around 3.00 pm local time (09.00 am EST)

But now, we all know the rest of the story.

Mom had just been in contact with family we have in NYC and was assured everyone was okay. Thank Lord.

It was a crazy day, I still remember that, even though I was only 10 years old. I think kids understand much more than adults think. 9/11/01 still affects me to this very date, and I am sure many more will agree with me on that.

I was lucky to have seen the WTC pre-9/11. Family trip to New York City in November 1993. 19 years ago. This fall, I’m returning to the Big Apple. The city has changed. I have changed. Things will never be the same, but that’s just life, right?

Yup that little girl there is me, 19 years ago!

Almost 3000 people perished that day. Let us never forget that.

Last year, my grandma passed away on September 11. She was born in Brooklyn, NYC and moved to Norway with her parents a few years later. I miss her terribly, and for me, 9/11 will be a date I will never forget.

Rest in peace!


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  1. Ceclie, a powerful post. I am so sorry for your grandmother’s passing. 9/11 will be etched in your memory forever. And that photo of you… is absolutely priceless. I think we need to go to the exact spot and take a photo of you this year. Let’s make it a plan in November. Bring a copy so we can position you perfectly.

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful memorial!

    • Karlene, thank you so much for your thoughts. Yes, it certainly will. It is a date I will always look back to with sorrow, but also hope for the future.

      Karlene, that is a brilliant idea. I will definitely bring the photo with me, so we can get the exact position. I can’t wait to return to this city that has changed a lot, and still means so much to me.

      Thank you so, so much for your comment!

  2. Excellent post. I must say that 9-11-01 everyone in NYC and Long Island not involved in the actually event here was numb – completely. On the Top 40 music FM station here 100.3FM Z100 they were discussing on the “Z Morning Zoo Show” about how that day changed their morning show because people were calling up not get news updates but to be able to talk to other human beings, to express their emotions or what emotions they could get out. Utter shock was the feeling. I went to work that afternoon and the TVs were on non stop with the footage of the second plane crashing in. Bam! The worst though was visiting ground zero one month after. I had to see it to believe it. Utter destruction. I still couldn’t and can’t keep this reply to two sentences and that’s how all of us STILL are.. And will be for so many years to come.

    Cecilie, sorry to hear about your grandmother. Her memory should always be a blessing and yes, she is shining down on us all and our accomplishments from above along with the other people who left us on that date.

    On a happy note, I am getting things set up on my end to meet. I need to know what everyone likes to eat and drink. 😉

    Looking forward to the Brooklyn/Manhattan skyline photo.


    • Jeremy, thank you so much for your comment! I know how much you care about your city, but I guess we all around the world, became New Yorkers after that horrible Tueday in 2001. I look forward to visit the beautiful memorial on Ground Zero in November.

      Thank you for your thoughts, I really appreciate it.

      I am so so soooo excited for the meeting. I am arriving early to NYC to visit family and explore the area (I have relatives on Long Island, in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland that I’ll be visiting too) So excited for everything 🙂 You should create a Facebook-event that we can share on our blogs +++ once you have the plans set 🙂

      My plan for now is to arrive at Newark November 3, 13.50 local (with SAS, of course hehe) and leaving November 12, 17.50 local (with SAS) 🙂

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