Enjoy the journey, brother!

Today, my brother embarked on the adventure I did 4 years ago. Moving to the US as an exchange student. He will live with an American family in Oregon, near Portland, attend high school, and hopefully have the time of his life! For those of you who majored in Norwegian, or are just really good at Google translate, I will recommend you his blog that he’ll be writing while he’s in the US.

 ———->  www.haakonoregon.wordpress.com <———-

The journey started last night. Me, my brother and our parents drove to Oslo to spend the night by the airport. His flight to London departed 08.00 am this morning. The flight was operated by G-EUOH (A319)

The Golden Dove paint scheme to celebrate the Olympics. Beautiful bird!

Right now, he is somewhere over Canada, onboard G-VIIS (B772)

He has a long night ahead of him. In Chicago he is facing a 4 hour layover before his next flight to Portland. My guess is that he will be pretty tired once he gets to his host family sometime tomorrow morning, Norwegian local time 🙂

I hope you’ll have a wonderful year, filled with joy and happiness! I can’t wait to visit you during Easter! 😉

Best wishes from your big sister,


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  1. Cecilie… Portland… my neighbor! Tell your brother to have a great time~ Maybe during your visit you both can come to Seattle and show him our city??? If he needs anything, we are just a 3 hour drive from Portland. I am certain he will enjoy this journey.

    • I know! I will let him know! Hopefully we’ll go to Seattle for Easter. Me and my parents are visiting him for a week. Thank you, so kind of you! I am sure he will have a fabulous time 🙂

      • That will be a great trip. It will be fun to meet your parents too. 🙂 One day. Email me on your travel plans for November.

      • I hope so! We are currently just on the planning stage, hopefully we will have some airplane tickets booked soon. Just sent you an e-mail! Have a great week!

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