Berlin, Copenhagen & Oslo – in 5 days

Hello! I haven’t completely forgotten this blog, even though the update regularity would suggest so. 🙂

I went to Berlin last week, from Wednesday to Friday and me and my friend had a great time!

New seat assignment given to me in the gate in Copenhagen for the Berlin-bound flight. Upgraded to business class 🙂

Chai tea latte and coffee latte at Starbucks. I love how they serve it in real cups, not those paper cups.

The Berlin Wall. The former East Side on the left side of the wall.

This is my second time in the German capital, which is the home to almost 3 million people. A big city, yet a city that feels so alive. A turbulent history, but with a promising future. Definitely one of my favorite European cities.

Friday it was time to say good bye and my time to go back to Norway. On my trip to and from Berlin, I flew the Dash 8 Q400 twice and once both the MD81 and CRJ900. The MD81 remains my favorite of the three.
At the airport in Berlin (Tegel, TXL) before I boarded the flight to Copenhagen, I checked out the lounge, since I am now a Star Alliance Gold, and traveling with a Star Alliance partner (SAS) I got into the Lufthansa Senator Lounge which is strictly for *A Gold, Miles & More Senators and HON circle members, and of course first class passengers. The impression wasn’t overwhelming but it was a good lounge, and they had a decent selection of small dishes, like a potato-and-sausage dish, cakes, cheeses and salads. Free, self-serve bar.

I had a 4 hour layover in Copenhagen that was spent in the SAS Business Lounge (the gold lounge is closed in July, for some reason, probably not as many status customers traveling… except from me lol) checking the news, having a Carlsberg beer or three, and just enjoying my time there, and relaxing.

I got home around 11 pm that night, and all I had time to do was take a shower, unpack, repack and sleep. The next morning we were off to Oslo!

Bruce Springsteen and the E street band live!!!!! It was 3 hrs and 45 minutes of amazing music.

The day after the concert marked the 1 year anniversary of the twin terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya.

The July 22 memorial in downtown Oslo

So many people in Oslo that day. There was a memorial service in a church in Oslo in the morning, and both the King and the prime minister attended. Wreaths were put down by the government quarters, and a lot of people gathered around to pay respect to those who perished that day, one year ago.

Berlin, Bruce Springsteen, Oslo… One crazy week (or actually just 5 days) but it was all worth it, even though I was terribly tired at the end of the day yesterday.

– Cecilie


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  1. I’m thinking you pack more into five days than I do! lol. What a fantastic trip for sure! Continue to enjoy every moment!!!

    • Ha ha, maybe! You’ve been pretty busy lately too. But I love it. Traveling. Keeping busy. Seeing places. I’ve had a wonderful summer!

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