The Irony of Fate

Today I learned about the passing of the Norwegian swimmer Alexander Dale Oen. I was in utter shock when I received a call about the news earlier today. I was at my neighbor’s, who pointed out I looked like The Scream when I was on the phone. And I probably did, too.

Alexander Dale Oen was one of the most respected athletes in Norway. He was a European Champion, silver medalist from the 2008 Beijing Olympics and in 2011 he won the World Championships in 100 meter breast stroke July 25, just 3 days after the tragic terrorist attacks on Norway. He dedicated his gold medal to all the those who lost their lives, their family and friends, and to the entire nation of Norway.

After winning the 100 m breast stroke final, he pointed his finger to the Norwegian flag on his black cap.

Earlier this year he was awarded “Athlete of the year” in Norway, and was in a training camp in Flagstaff, Ariz. with the national swimming team, when team mates found him lifeless in the bathroom. Cardiac arrest. CPR was performed but his life could not be saved. He was pronounced dead around 8.30 pm local time, April 30, 2012.

The reason for the training camp in Arizona, is the London Olympics this summer, and he was one of our greatest gold medal candidates. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones tonight.

However, like one reporter on TV said earlier, isn’t this just the irony of fate? Dale Oen won the World Championships in Shanghai last year, and was mourning over the lost ones on the podium when he received his gold medal. The day after the terrorist attack, he posted this on Twitter

We are so few in this country, every fallen man is a brother or friend.

We have the dead ones with us the day we come back.

– Nordahl Grieg

Alexander, same goes to you now. We are so very few in this country, and every fallen man is a brother and friend. You will be missed.

The Irony of Fate. One of the greatest Norwegian athletes, passed away way too soon, only 26 years old.

May you rest in peace, Alexander.

– Cecilie

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  1. This is so sad. His life was cut way too short. My heart goes out to his family, and friends.

  2. This is very sad. I must say that he does look familiar. What a service he has done for his country through his talents. They should be an inspiration for everyone.

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