Frequent updates? Maybe not so much!

I’ve been super busy lately. Long days at work, followed by a meeting or two, have left me with 12 hour +++ days for about a week now. And the “ride” doesn’t stop there. I have so much I want to tell you, but so little time to set aside for some quality writing. This will have to work for now.

The new board of Arendal (the city where I live) Conservative Party was gathered for the first time tonight. I was elected Board member/Leader of female politics in Arendal Conservative Party back in January and it’s very interesting to work with. I oriented the board about the situation with the youth part of the party, which I lead, and I feel very lucky to work with other enthusiastic young people.

Oh, and I bought myself a new bike. I’ve been thinking about buying a new one for quite some time, because my old one is.. Well, old..

And this is what the new one looks like. Hybrid Hard Rocx. I’m excited to pick it up from the store tomorrow!

Next weekend is going to be super busy as well. Political meeting at a school, a board meeting, a conference, a birthday party and my cousin’s Lutheran confirmation. I will have to set aside some time to write something more meaningful this weekend. I promise.

I know some of my blog readers have had a rough few weeks now, and this is me giving you (you know who you are) a virtual hug!

– Cecilie

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  1. What could be more meaningful than this? Thank you! XOX

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