What makes you stand out?

This is a big one. I have been contemplating on this issue for a very long time now, more than a year, to be honest. Before I passed my private and instrument check ride I was insecure whether to continue on with CPL or do something else for a while. I ended up with the latter.

Moving home to Norway last summer was refreshing. I started working full time, filling up my bank account with money that had been, mysteriously, flowing out of my account during flight training. But in the back of my head I have always, and I’m still, been determined to continue on with CPL one day.

As of now, one day will maybe be some 3 years away. Today, I sent an application to the local university here in Norway, applying for 4 different bachelor degrees (3- year degree, “freshman year” is our last year of high school, 13th grade). My top 3 are the following bachelor degrees;

Political science

Most of them are useless as just a bachelor degree (master degree to have some sort of chance to get hired), but combined with a pilot license, I think they will make miracles. I need to stand out in the crowd of hopeful, aspiring pilots. I mean, all pilots applying for a flying job, it’s a given they all have a pilot license. What makes them stand out? I hope that with Flight Instructor ratings (eventually) and a bachelor degree in one of the above mentioned areas, I will stand out.

The big question is, however, with low-cost countries competing with people from high-cost countries like Norway, is the degree worth anything? The outsourcing agency is looking for a cheep work force, not necessarily people with a strong academic background.

What do you think about doing a degree? I can definitely see the pro’s and the con’s, which makes this a tough decision, but a decision I will most likely not regret. Thinking things through, thoroughly, is something I have become an expert on lately. :p

What makes you stand out from the crowd? I think this is a good question to ask yourself every now and then. We all have traits and qualities that will make us stand out, never forget that.

Happy flying!
– Cecilie

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  1. Cecilie, I think you should get your degree. You will never lose it, and money will come. And during the three years, keep flying on occasion. Then you can get back into it.

    I flew only 3 times in 3 years, while working on my college degree, but my daughters were born in those three years. The point is, life will go by so fast. You don’t have to give up one dream for another. You can do both. The world needs educated people. Especially educated women.

    You are extremely well-read, have a grand brain in your head, and are going to do something important worldwide. Your involvement in politics and dedication to making things better, will go so much farther if you have a degree behind your name. And this will encourage you to do research.

    My eldest daughter got her degree in political science, and I think you might really find that fascinating.

    Here is a post on college… http://karlenepetitt.blogspot.com/2011/07/should-i-quit-college-to-fly.html and planning another for next week.

    Good luck with your decision.

    • Karlene, you’re right. A degree has no expiration date stamped on it, which makes it very valuable indeed. I’m just so keen on keep on going with my flying (which is a good thing I suppose) but sometimes, what you want the most might not be the best solution. I’ve been thinking a lot about this today, and I’ve decided to enroll the Uni this fall (if I’m accepted, of course)

      Things always happen for a reason. Did you fly before going to college? Life sure does go by fast, but we have to make the best of it, and I really think the degree will benefit me down the road, airlines, etc.

      Thank you! You are right, it does look really good on my CV to have a bachelor degree. Who knows, maybe a master degree is also within reach eventually.

      That’s great that she did that. Did she do any additional degree, a master or something, or did she get a job with just a bachelor in political science? I know I wouldn’t be very “employable” with just a bachelor degree in p.s in Norway, would have to have a master at least. With a bachelor in education however, I will have more options available.

      I think I have already made up my mind. šŸ™‚ Thank you for your advice!

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