Frequent Flyer

As I travel the world, exploring countries, cities and cultures far away, I get frequent flyer points, or miles, that I can spend on another trip. In October 2009, I joined Eurobonus, the frequent flyer program for Scandinavian Airlines, part of the Star Alliance.

Frequent flyer miles haven’t really been a very big deal for me, especially not pursuing any status of any kind. I have a frequent flyer card with Icelandair (Saga Club), KLM/Air France (Flying Blue – Skyteam) and SAS (Eurobonus – Star Alliance)

It wasn’t really until I purchased a Z-fare (low business, 200% earning) with Lufthansa to Seattle, which gave me roughly 24 000 miles. The threshold for a silver status with Eurobonus is 20 000 miles, and today I received my status card!

I have a round trip to Washington DC planned for the end of May, which will give be about 10 000 miles (100% earning). I also flew low economy with Lufthansa in February to New York / Boston, so I only need about 7 000 more miles to qualify for Gold, which is my goal this year. I’m thinking a trip in economy with SAS to either NYC or Tokyo might be worth a try.

The world of a frequent flyer is complex. You can qualify for a higher status based on miles or eligible flights. Eligible flights for silver status with Eurobonus is 20, and 35 for gold. I don’t think I’ll make that, consider the Norwegian government has a ban on point earnings on domestic flights in Norway, making the flights I’ve had on SAS domestically so far ineligible.
Frequent flyers might go for a crazy itinerary to get more points, or a new airport or aircraft. I know I consider those things when booking a flight.

Do you have any frequent flyer cards, and if so, which alliance do you “stick” with?

– Cecilie

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  1. You just keep collecting those Miles and come visit us again!

    • 60 000 points for a round trip to New York. I’m just 15K points short right now. I’ll come back though!

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