Girls with wings

So, I just want to put the word out there – if you’re a girl and you want to pursue a career as a pilot, you have to expect that some people have opinions against that, saying weird stuff like (and I’ve heard this myself, no imagination necessary) “You are going to pass your check rides easily because you’re a girl” “Check airmen will only look at your boobs, not your flying skills!” (WHAT?) and “Girls don’t have what it takes to become a pilot”

WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. Wrong, in all ways. I’m actually surprised there are opinions like these out there, still, in the 21st century. But then again, there are people out there who wants laws regulating how many percent women are on the ballot for the election, who many women in an executive board, etc.

I oppose those types of regulations. Those in favor of such legislation argue that in order to have women elected to the city board or even the Parliament, we need regulation that secures at least a certain percentage of spaces to the women. That is almost the same as saying “Women are not good enough, so we need to regulate how many have to be in an executive board (for example)”


Girl with wings..

Well, hey, let me tell you this. I want to be hired, not because I’m a girl, but because I am well-qualified. Putting quota regulations into effect will only lead to women not feeling sufficiently empowered by their own qualifications. Also in aviation. Not feeling empowered will lead to insecurity, and that’s one thing we don’t need on the flight deck.

I want female pilots to know that they can do just as good as their male counterparts.

I was recently interviewd by the regional newspaper arguing against a politician from the Labor Party, arguing against these quotas. I received immense support on the newspaper’s Facebook page. To summarize (for those of you not necessarily very proficient in the Norwegian language):

– The Labor party politician suggested we should remove one way to give extra votes in local elections, by giving personal votes by crossing in a box next to the name on the list. He suggested this, because half of the top-10 on the Labor party list during the past election in September 2011 were women, but only 2 of them were elected. His thought was that by removing the option to give extra votes (and this was apparently in favor of the men on the list) more women will be elected.

I argued against this, saying I want competent people in the city board, not girls at all cost, just because they are women. That’s saying women are not good enough, so we need regulation to get them elected.

I disagree. I know there are good female politicians out there. They will be elected if the voters think they’ll do a better job than the others on the list. Simple as that.

This also applies to the aviation industry. No, I will never pass a check ride with ease (unless I’m very well prepared lol) and especially not because I’m a girl. And women will do just as well on the flight deck as men.

I still find it personally disappointing though (but at the same time inspiring – I’ll prove them wrong) that there are still opinions against female pilots out there.

– Cecilie

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    Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose….

  2. Cecilie, it’s amazing that these archaic thoughts are still floating about these days. But we have to know that when someone doesn’t achieve something… they don’t want it to be their fault. It’s easier to blame the woman with the boobs who got the flying job over his, instead of his lack of experience, or inability to get the job. Today companies cannot afford to hire anyone who is not the best. And why would they?
    On a side note: My very first instructor told me, at 16-years-old, that he liked the women students better because we were more gentle with the plane. We were one, and guided it, verses men trying to manhandle.
    But the bottom line is… yes, you want “competent” women. We all do.
    Thanks for a great post!

    • Thank you Karlene for your comment!
      You are so right, it’s easier to blame the woman!
      Companies should always hire the best qualified personnel, never look at gender. Women are well-qualified too and will get the job if they are the best.

      My instructor told me the same thing. And I think it’s a good thing.

      Thanks for your comment, once again!

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