A new era for pilots

I am at the biggest (in terms of attendees) political youth conference in Norway since the 1980s. More than 700 young politicians from all over Norway are gathered at a hotel in Lillehammer (remember the Olympics back in 1994?). But we are not here do discuss any sport related activities. We are here to change the world to the better. Nothing less.

One of the discussions will cover the topic “how to get more people to work rather than being dependent on social security” Exciting topic. Especially since the Norwegian unemployment rate barely reaches 3%. I guess this is what you would call a developed country’s problem.

Nonetheless, it is very expensive for the Government to have people on social security. It costs about 200 billion dollars every year. And remember, this is a country with a population close to that of the metropolitan area of Detroit.

Norway is a high cost country. We think $12 per gallon of fuel is cheap. That says something about the standard of living we enjoy this far north.

The vice president of the Norwegian Liberal-Conservative party (I’m a member of its youth party) said Friday

What others are doing cheaper, we have to do better.

– Jan Tore Sanner

How can that apply to pilots?

We have to train better. More focus on flying the plane instead of relying solely on automation, for example. Pilots have to be the master of their airplane. Automation issues is another, complex topic, though, and I will cover that in another blog post, answering the challenge questions Karlene Petitt asked in Flight For Control.

I want to ask you what you think.
Do you think it’s right that younger pilots have to accept lower wages, too keep the airline “floating” and avoid filing bankruptcy? Wouldn’t it result that the pilots will not be able to pay off their loans, and take care of their family?

Sacrifices made for the airline means sacrificing financial security for the pilot him/her self and family.

The other option would be to reduce the pensions for the senior pilots, but I highly doubt they will be willing to accept that.

Is this the price we have to pay to become a pilot nowadays?

Still, I am not giving up on my dream. It is not possible. Someone just have to change the rules of the game. And I think and hope I can bring some change with me through my engagement in politics.

– Cecilie

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  1. Cecilie, it’s so nice to see a young person like yourself with intelligence to care enough for the future to get involved. So often people turn the other way and leave things to someone else. Your efforts will be well rewarded for all of our future, as well as the future of aviation. Keep up the great work! We all applaud you.

    • Thank you Karlene! I think it’s unfortunate that some pilots say “this is what this industry has become, you have to deal with it”
      I might have to deal with it in the beginning but I am not going to accept it, without trying to change the situation.
      Thank you for the support, I will do my best! 🙂

      • We don’t have to deal with anything that’s wrong. We can all win. There is a win win solution. I know you will do your best. I’m going to have fun in my life watching soar.

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