First update from my iPad

So I’m just putting the word out there – WordPress has an impressive app for Apple products. This is my first update from any iDevice and it’s a great tool!
See, I can even write in bold fonts.

As some of you might have heard on the news there was an incident yesterday involving JetBlue. I love JetBlue personally, I think it’s a good airline. But what if last nights event is just the start of something bigger. Airline pilots situation, furloughs, fatigue +++ I’m not going to speculate too much right now, but there has to be something serious going on in that captains life. To be continued…

Don’t forget to enter the contest to make Karlene Petitt fly to your town. Yes that applies also if you life in the Desert of Mongolia or in a mountain cabin in Norway 😉 She is also giving away 5 books, read more in my previous entry to get more info!

Have a great day everyone!

– Cecilie


Posted on March 28, 2012, in blog. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Excellent. You know where I will be today…and will be tweeting! 🙂 I need that App!

    • I have you two in my thoughts today! Hope everything is well.

      Yes, you do, now that you are changing to the exciting WordPress-world.

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