Flight For Control – get your copy today!

Karlene Petitt has the insight of the industry and superior knowledge, that will make her debut novel a best seller!

She has several type ratings, including 747, 757 and 737. She currently flies the A330 for an international airline.

Purchase “Flight For Control” on Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Your life is in your pilot’s hands.
Do you know who’s flying your plane?

I was instantly drawn into the story on the very first page. The characters, plot and Karlene’s exceptional story telling makes this book a must-have for every aviation enthusiast! And even if you’re not an aviator by heart, the terms used are never too technical, and is a great read for anyone!

Comment below with the proof of purchase from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble (Nook and Kindle versions also available)” – don’t forget to include your name & e-mail!

You will then be entered into the worldwide contest of having Karlene Petitt fly to YOUR TOWN, anywhere in the world. She’ll have a book signing event and also be the guest speaker at the event!

I’m guessing I have quite a few blog readers from Norway, and it would be awesome to have Karlene come here! You now know what to do!

Buy her book HERE and add a comment below!

Karlene just told me she will be giving away 5 copies of her book to the host of the event she’ll be going to!

Tell your friends and family about this contest! Spread the word. ‘Cause even if it’s fiction, doesn’t mean it can’t happen…

Twitter hashtag: #FlightForControl – let’s make it a worldwide trending topic!


– Cecilie

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  1. I would love to come to Norway! That would be exciting. Worldwide trending topic… #FlightForControl I love it! Thank you so much!!!

  2. This is a test to see if my real name pops up. Thank you so much for hosting me Cecilie~

  3. Anytime, Karlene! Now, I just hope some people buy your book and leave a comment here. You need to come here! 🙂

  4. Like it. Lets buy it in India

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