B787-8 pictures and currency/proficiency issue

I received an e-mail today from Karlene with the pictures from our trip to the Boeing field on Sunday, she even attached some photos she snapped on final approach into SEA, as she landed only an hour or so before Lufthansa with me onboard!

Final approach in to SEA (Seattle-Tacoma, Washington)

The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner (Registration N7874) and its future PIC!

The Dreamliner – dreams, aspirations and hopes transformed into a beautiful piece of machinery.

All photos by Karlene Petitt

Now, on to the second thing I wanted to talk about. The big BIG difference between being current and proficient.

This applies to all pilots, 747 typed airline pilots and the girl who just got her private license;

Being current doesn’t mean you’re proficient!

For instrument privileges, that would mean to go up with another pilot, even though you are legal, just to get her/his point of view. Maybe s/he has some tips on how to do things differently? Learning is a part of the process it is to have a pilots license; therefore we will never stop learning!

I am instrument current as of March 20th, but I am not proficient. I guess I can only speak for my self, but it had been almost 8 months between my last and second last flight in Instrument conditions (simulated). I was not proficient at all. I was so nervous before my currency flight I could barely eat, drink or sleep. Once the “big” day arrived, my body was numb. After pre-flighting the 172 and I got comfortable in my seat (0A), the numbness disappeared, and everything fell into place. I might not have been my quickest run up and I was a little rusty with the communications, but everything else just fell into place. I did (in my opinion) an awesome crosswind take off, followed by climb out and then cruise. I did a power off stall, not very aggressive, but still. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to be back in the air after 8 months. But if I hadn’t had my instructor and friend Randy with me, I know things would probably be a little different.

So guys, if you’re current, get proficient!


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  1. Amazing photos of the final into SEA and the 787! As much as I love the 777, I can not wait to get inside of that aircraft. Also thank you for sharing the insights of being proficient. Definitely is something to always have in place now matter how current one is.

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