New start for my blog

I have had this blog domain for quite some time now, I think almost 3 years now. Until now, it has been a personal blog for friends and family, but I have decided to broaden it a bit, making it more appealing to other people as well. As I am not sure how to remove my previous posts and save them somewhere on WordPress, they are still here. They are, however, in Norwegian, so you can just go ahead and try to see if you can get some sense out of them.

As you can read more about me in my profile, I don’t think I need to say much more than welcome to my blog. I hope we can all share ideas and thoughts. Feel free to comment any post you’d like. I will try to keep the updates coming, workload permitting of course.

It’s Monday today, and I spent this weekend in Seattle, Washington. Well, to say I spent the weekend is actually a major exaggeration. I only spent one night in the city, Saturday to Sunday. Saturday I spent on the plane to Seattle. Sunday to Monday I spent on the plane back to Europe. I didn’t really have time to get any jet lag, so here I am, Monday night and I can’t decide if I’m tired or not. I think I’ll go with tired, as the lines on this blog post seem to be bouncing around.

When I arrived around 2 pm local time on Saturday, I was met by Karlene and her husband. They drove me to my hotel in downtown Seattle. Once I got settled in, I went out for a walk. I ended up buying Starbucks yoghurt for dinner and a sweatshirt from North Face because I was cold and figured that would be a good idea. And it was, because the very next day, it was raining, windy and what not. I like to think that was me being pro active for once.

Saturday was also St. Patricks Day. I can’t even trace any of my relatives to Ireland, so I passed on the celebrations. Besides, I don’t think there were many non-alcoholic green drinks that night anyway.
I went to bed early, around 6 pm, woke up around midnight, fell asleep again at 2 am, woke up again at 4 am. Wonderful.

I spent Sunday mainly walking around in Seattle. I walked from my hotel to Pike Place Market, visited the first Starbucks café at 1912 Pike Place and had a coffee there. Then, I walked up to the Space Needle, bought a ticket to go on top of it. Spectacular views, even though it was kinda cloudy.

Noon approached, and I returned to my hotel to get ready and check out. Around 1.30 pm, Karlene picked me up to take me out to the airport. Very nice of her! On our way there, we stopped at the Boeing field and the Museum of Flight. We got pretty close to N7874, to say the least. Awesome experience. Even though we just drove past the Museum, it was still very neat. Next time I’ll have to spend more time there. 26 hours is simply not enough. 🙂

It is now 22.15. I am not sure how much longer I can write without having some horrible spelling errors, etc. I think I have to stop now before it gets too bad. To be continued.

And yes, just disregard my previous posts, from now on, March 19, this marks the beginning of my new blog “era”

Stay tuned!


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